Aasif Ganaie
Aasif is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs Adroit Cyber World which offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.

achievementsIn January 2010 Aasif launched his news portal The Kashmir Pulse which is now serving tons of quality articles daily to a much broader audience. In July 2011, he launched his personal blog Aasif Writes which is indeed a great refreshment stop for people who look for inspiration.
Blogging History
Aasif has preferred Google Blogger over other more professional content management systems (CMS). Although, he has developed websites using CMS like Wordpress but he is a fan of Blogger. The reason is simple. There is no cost as Google Blogger is absolutely free. And, given the close integration with Google Adsense, a simple Blogger blog can become an earning asset! 
Aasif's message!
Advise To Bloggers" If you have a goal in life, you are alive. People around will always have some words for you which would most probably sound like, "You can not do this. Infact, how could you even think of this!". But then, it's for you to stand up and prove them wrong. And, you'll definitely succeed when you listen to your heart and chase your true passion.
Like any work, blogging requires a hard work and a lot of patience. It lets you to communicate with a multicultural online world of  2.2 billion people, each of them eager to find out what have you got to share. So grab this opportunity and work hard with sincerity. Blog only to spread knowledge and love. I am blogging since five years but I still feel like a newbie and this is what that keeps me writing more.
Blogging is about building relations so remain humble and friendly to everyone especially to those who remained your first mentors. Ego will take you back where you came from.
Be thankful to Almighty Allah for gifting you with the ability to read and write. Everyone of you is a born genius, you just need to recognize your true potentials. Stay blessed and be happy always. Peace and blessings be upon you all. "

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